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TendertaleA peek into a little-known - but vitally important part of the Silent Service
MCATOS The Magnolia Chapter of the American Theater Organ Society - Meridian MS
Keeping the King of Instruments alive and sounding good!
Glimpses of Meridian Our home town - Meridian, Mississippi
Dearing Family Reunion and GenealogyRobert James Dearing and Martha Ann Dewease Family
MHR&BS Antique Radio Virtual Museum Radio history from a Mississippi perspective
Randy GutteryMusic, Cars, Boats, Radio / Electronics, Pinball & Toys!
Sherry Guttery Leather, Painting, Macrame, Sewing, Music (Singing - piano) & Toys!
Randy and Sherry's Radios At one time Randy and Sherry both had a radio collection of their own - Randy's was mostly vintage consumer radios from the "Golden Era" of Radio (approx. 1920 - 1940) - while Sherry's collection consists mostly of "Boatanchors" - a term applied to commercial and military radios that are large and heavy (hence the nick-name "boatanchor") - and are for the most part either stellar performers and/or have some significance in history (particularly the military radios).  Randy has recently "down-sized" his collection - as his interest has shifted to other things- however he still has a few radios that might be of interest.
Randy and Sherry's Test EquipmentSmall collection - but growing. This collection is more by accident then "on purpose"...
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