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Hi! I'm Sherry - and I'm really glad you are visiting my page. I hope we have lots in common - I'm really into crafts and stuff... and enjoy making things with my hands. If you want to read some really boring stuff - you can read about me here; though I warn you - it's pretty lame -but people do ask... so there 'tis.

There is nothing quite like hand made leather goods. Because they are hand tooled for each person -- the item reflects and compliments the individual's personality - and often I find that my own skills and ideas get a boost from working with so many different people - with so many unique perspectives.

I hope by sharing some of my crafts and art in the picture gallery below -- that perhaps it may give someone else a new idea - or perhaps just a new tweak on an old theme; I also hope that me getting up enough nerve to "stick my face and soul" out here will encourage others to share their ideas - so that the net will extend it's fantastic ability to "share" art and crafts as well as things academic and scientific.

I guess the reason I like leather so much is that it allow me to work in so many disciplines - all on one project: Sculpting: the texture of the tooling; Painting: from the subtle shades of dyes to the punctuation of acrylic colors; and in Sewing: both functional and decorative - especially in lacing and cording; This particular album is 12.5" X 17" by however thick it needs to be: notice the "drawstring" binding: That allows the album to expand as time goes by - and the number of pictures grows.

Can you guess which Branch of the Service the owner of the wallet on the left served in? A Wallet is a very personal thing - and can be a subtle billboard - what idea or impression would you like your wallet to convey? Same thing with purses and handbags - right is a simple "hip pouch" girl's bag - but it does convey a sense of elegance...

Here are some oil paintings and a latch-hook rug I did several years ago.

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I'll be adding some more samples in the next few weeks -

Thanks for stopping in!!!!!

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