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I'm a Native Mississippian - born here in Meridian in 1953. I graduated from Hickory High School and attended a year at Clarke College - well on my way to a becoming a teacher. Then I got captured. At first I just found myself tied to a tree in our front yard - seems this crazy Sailor had come home with my brother for a visit - and for whatever reason - this crazy sailor decided he had to tie me up. He says it was in self-defense - I really don't understand that - I didn't hit him that hard --- Anyway to make a long story short - June 10th, 1997 was our 25th anniversary - and they said it wouldn't last!
As I noted - this guy was a sailor - sort of - well how do you put sails on a submarine - or a submarine tender? And though Guam isn't real big - it'd be kinda hard to rig sails and go scootin' about the Pacific... though we did do a lot of swimming - and photography. In the 6 years we spent together in the Navy - we traveled many thousands of miles and near 30 states. It was during these travels that I got into some serious photography. After we finished our "tour" with the Navy - we settled down here in Meridian. Soon I was working at a Tandy Leather Store - for a very gifted guy named Tony Laier. If you've picked up a Tandy Leather catalog in the last 15 years - you're familiar with his work - he is now one of their hotshot designers... Working with Tony was - in some respects - like working at the master's feet. It was also while working there I discovered a zillion new hobbies - Leather crafts; macrame; string art; latch hook; cross stitch etc. (I already did both liquid and hand embroidery, sewing and a little knitting). I picked up the basics of tole and oil painting though it took years to get the courage to really try my hand at oil painting, seems as though I have a knack for that as well. God has given me many talents, in addition to the above I love to sing, I play a little piano and He has given me a genuine sense of caring about others and the ability to understand what their needs are.When it comes to leather crafting; I make custom items like black powder gun sheaths, custom holsters, bags etc. and of course the usual items like leather purses, clutches, checkbook covers, wallets, belts, buckles etc. A specialty item that all my customers just love are the photo albums. I have two styles so far, one is a three ring binder type and the other is my own design and is expandable (so it grows with you). Actually, when I was growing up my grandmother had the very long and large photo album. It's covers were what appeared to be a king of cardboard that had a kind of paper cover with a little border design. It was once said that necessity is the mother of all inventions. Well I have a very large family hence many photos have been collected through the years. The (then) current family secretary was looking for a way to get these pictures organized and in one place. Well I volunteered to make a photo album. She took me up on it then I had to come up with something to carve on the cover. The great aunt who had originally compiled a lot of the pictures had gotten a family crest from somewhere so I took a picture of it enlarged it to fit the cover leather and proceeded to tool our family crest onto that piece of leather. This is one of my display pieces on the net.I have been commissioned to do several jobs; some paintings including scenery, portraits and animal portraits, some macrame hangers wall clocks etc., some latchhook rugs/wall hangings, and so many others I can't name them all.Thanks for dropping by, if you or anyone you know need a unique hand-crafted item for yourself or a gift just drop me a line. As I said I have a knack for these things.

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